The Push and Pull of Bowen Therapy

Bowen therapy is a holistic approach to treating musculoskeletal and neurological issues by manipulation rather than invasive procedures. It’s a gentle and relaxing technique which can be used on anyone – from newborns to seniors.

Bowen Therapy

When using Bowen Therapy, you’re treating the entire person (mind and body) rather than concentrating on superficial symptoms. This therapy method uses manipulation of the fascia (soft tissue of the body) – the connective tissue that affects each organ of the body.

Bowen Therapy Move – The Push and Pull Movement

Bowen therapists use varying degrees of pressure and certain sequences of small movements at particular sites of the body to maneuver muscles, ligaments and tendons. The sequences usually take place over a time period of thirty minutes to an hour and the therapist may allow a short time between sequences so the body can respond to each phase of the treatment in a positive and healing manner.

A Bowen therapist will use gentle ‘push and pull’ movements on certain areas of the body. For example, tight muscles are gently rolled back and forth to open them up and release the tension.

This method also removes the buildup of toxins and waste and opens the nerve pathways. This process helps the body to heal more rapidly from the pain or injury.

The technique is often used to treat severe injuries and conditions stemming from chronic problems. You can seek out a qualified and registered Bowen Therapy specialist for treatment who is trained and accredited for this unique method of healing therapy.

Bowen Therapy Does Not Need To Be A Regular Treatment Process

Bowen Therapy is not usually a technique that is ongoing. You may gain relief after only one session, but if the pain or situation is a chronic condition, further treatments may be advised.

Ask your Bowen therapist about the possibility of receiving other physical therapies such as massage or manipulation just after a Bowen treatment. You may be advised to wait for at least a week for any other forms of treatment so your body can fully respond and adjust to the Bowen treatment.

As a holistic treatment, the Bowen technique is designed to trigger the body to heal itself. Amazingly, the more acute conditions require less manipulation during each session and less pressure is used during the treatment. A proficient therapist can sense when the body has had enough.

Your therapist will concentrate on exact pressure points of the body in order to achieve the desired results from the brain. The brain is the central area of our body which interprets and reacts to the stimulation involved in Bowen Therapy.

The Benefits Can be Felt Almost Immediately

Sometimes it may take a few days following a Bowen treatment to realize the benefit, but most times, the patient realizes a deep relaxing feeling and perhaps some tingling or warmth in the affected area, and many feel pain relief almost immediately.

Bowen Therapy is a very popular therapy used to help heal the body and relieve pain and tension associated with injuries or other problems. Unlike many other “hands-on” therapies, Bowen is very gentle in application. If this sounds like a treatment that could help you, it would be well worth your while to seek out a therapist.

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